Tony Harewood aka TONE is a multidisciplinary artist with over 10 years experience creating video, photography and music. A graduate in Cinematography from the University of Staffordshire. A Documentarian and DIY Video Director. Utilising all image formats, from 16mm film and digital tape, to high-end 4K video productions, graphic animation and video editing.


A versatile musician, composer, writer, arranger, and performer. Warm natured and open to collaboration he has achieved a multitude of commercial & independent creative achievements. TONE’s creative work is simultaneously an enjoyment and cathartic process, invoking honesty and acute emotion. His most profound collaboration to date, with vocalist Farai, sees him “channel Joy Divisions’s youthful rage… imposing chords and roughly hewn drums” (Pitchfork). Contrastingly, he comfortably delves into left-field, electronic pop, with hints of hip-hop and post-punk, and draws on inspiration from film's such as Wim Wenders’ ‘Tokyo-Ga’ and ‘Notebook On Cities And Clothes’ in compositions. "PallosMusic"


Clients inc, Mac Cosmetics, ASOS, ClassPass, BBC, Childline, Teenage Engineering. Artist collaborations inc. Farai, Curl, Brother May, Coby Sey, Mica Levi, Raisa K, Fran Lobo, Roxanne Tataei, CJ Calderwood, Jeremy Jay, Pierre Kwenders, Special Interest & L.A Foster.